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Integrated Forest Management

Interforest helps clients become global leaders in the practice of integrated forest management and the demonstration of environmental stewardship. We promote the sustainable and responsible management of forest resources to ensures our clients' forests retain financial, social and ecological value for generations.

Our approach to forest management depends on four elements:

  • The use of integrated teams of scientists and managers that include all necessary disciplines but that function without disciplinary boundaries;
  • The application of state-of-the-art science and technology, derived from the source, scientists, rather than from literature;
  • Continuous dialog with stakeholders;
  • The use of management decisions and actions to formally learn from designed comparisons built into management activities (adaptive management).

Our consultants are the acknowledged leaders in their fields. They have access to, or in many cases have developed the innovative methods that are on the cutting-edge of forest resource management. As a result, Interforest has the ability to bring the highest quality planning, analysis and problem-solving skills to the management of our client's assets.

More information about the concept of integrated forest management and the steps to implementation.

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