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Ecological forestry [website | pdf]
June 29 - July 1, 2004
HJ Andrews Forest (near Eugene, Oregon)
Taught by Jerry Franklin

Forest and environmental management is dynamic, and requires continuing education. Interforest provides educational seminars targeted towards forestry and environmental professionals.

Subject matter includes

  • forest management
  • wildlife ecology and management
  • silviculture
  • social science and policy
  • environmental leadership and personal growth

Courses are taught by our senior consultants who are leaders in academia with extensive university teaching experience. Course programs are designed to be relevant and practical for working professionals and are customized for any region. Course content addresses the most cutting edge, up to date issues in resource management. These courses can be customized to meet continuing education credit requirements for government agencies and professional societies. Programs are generally structured to last for one to three days.

Example courses offered by Interforest include:

  • Alternative Silviculture
  • Leadership for natural resource and environmental professionals
  • Wildlife management at the landscape level

    Sample course descriptions

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