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GARRY D. BREWER is Professor and Director of the Erb Environmental Management Institute at the University of Michigan, where he served as Dean of the School of Natural Resources and Environment until 1996. Previously he was a member of the faculty of Yale University, holding appointments in the School of Organization and Management and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. During his tenure at Yale held both the Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser and Edwin W. Davis Chairs. He has also been a member of the Senior Staff of the Rand Corporation and an officer in the United States Navy. He has an A.B. degree from the University of California, Berkeley, an M.S. in Public Administration from San Diego State, and M.Phil. and Ph.D degrees in Policy and Management Sciences at Yale. His research has applied policy analysis and quantitative techniques to energy and natural resources industries, large social service systems, and corporate environmental management. He has been a leading proponent of the integration of disciplines at universities and has been instrumental in applying integrated analyses and problem-solving in areas as widely diverse as nuclear waste technology and fisheries management. He has been given awards and recognition by a variety of organizations, including the American Fisheries Society, the Oceanographic Society, the Government of Mexico and the American Society for Public Administration. He has extensive international experience, including activities in Sweden, Germany, France and Mexico.

Selected Publications:

Redirecting the Resources Planning Act (New Haven: Yale University, FES Bulletin #95, 1988). (With Clark Binkley and V.A. Sample, Jr.)

Caught Unawares: The Energy Decade in Retrospect (Cambridge, MA: Ballinger, 1983). (With Martin Greenberger, William Hogan, and Milton Russell.)

The Foundations of Policy Analysis (Homewood, IL: The Dorsey Press, 1983). (With Peter deLeon.) (rev. edition: Belmont, CA: Brooks Cole, 1992.)

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